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Race to Stop Suicide was established in 2018. A meeting with Halifax Health on another topic spawned this initiative. Certainly, at the time this effort was established, there was a tremendous need. However, with the effects of Covid-19 and the isolation we have all experienced, mental health issues have reached epidemic proportions. Unfortunately, the demographic is massive. From the youngest recorded Suicide at the age of 6 years old to the most senior of our world. Those in school to those in the military. Professionals at all levels. The entertainment industry and professional sports. In other words, it affects us all.

We have chosen to use the professional racing platform to deliver our message because it is unique and its massive television and social media audience. Specifically NASCAR. Again it is the most recognized racing organization in our country and arguably the world. Our efforts include establishing Race to Stop Suicide as a nationally trademarked organization. This helps us deliver a consistent message.

We are not mental healthcare professionals, but our initiative does include three pillars. First, create awareness through the normalization of the conversation. In other words, make it ok to talk about. Second, provide an entry-level amount of education. What to look for, symptoms, and simply a plan to check in and check up on people you suspect to be at risk. Additionally, to make it a bit easier to identify those at risk. And Third, to make sure those in need have access to resources.

Congress recently opened a new 3-digit number to help those with a mental health emergency. July 16 of 2022 saw the launch of 988. This number connects to a mental health professional to help those in need speak with someone trained to deal with mental health issues. We experienced almost 40,000 interactions on social media alone on the July 16 weekend.

In addition to using the NASCAR platform, we do numerous other things to get our message across. Daniel is the most recognized spokesperson for Race to Stop Suicide. Daniel has done speaking engagements for middle schools, fraternal organizations like the Elks club, and numerous veterans organizations. He has spoken at Boys and Girls clubs and various television and social media interviews. In addition, he has done several PSA radio commercials and television spots.

Additionally, Daytona State College Foundation produced a five-episode TV series titled The Race to Stop Suicide. This series reached an estimated 6.3 million households, with Daniel as the featured spokesperson. And there are plans for a second series. Our partners are passionate about this effort. One of our race partners owns a company with 154 eighteen-wheelers. They travel from Virginia to Massachusetts. Over 80% of the fleet carries the Race to Stop Suicide on the back of the trucks along with the emergency number 988.

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