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Daniel earns top 10 run at iowa


Born out of a crucial meeting with Halifax Health back in 2018, our initiative tackles the overwhelming epidemic of mental health issues, made even more pressing by the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our mission touches everyone, from school children to the elderly, professionals in all fields, the military, and the entertainment industry.

Why does our fight matter to you? Because mental health issues, tragically leading to suicides, affect us all. The youngest recorded suicide was a child of just six, a sobering reminder of the importance of our work.

How do we reach out? We've picked the exciting world of professional racing, specifically NASCAR, to spread our message. It's not just a thrilling sport but also a powerful platform with a massive TV and social media reach. As we work on making Race to Stop Suicide a nationally trademarked organization, NASCAR's popularity helps us maintain a consistent, strong voice.

While we're not mental health professionals, our mission stands on three critical pillars:

1. Create Awareness: Let's normalize conversations about mental health, making it okay to talk about these issues.
2. Education: Learn about the signs and symptoms to look out for and how to check in on those you think might be at risk.
3. Resources: We aim to connect those in need with the right help and resources.

Did you know about the new 3-digit mental health emergency number? Launched on July 16, 2022, the 988 hotline connects callers to a trained mental health professional, offering immediate assistance. Our social media campaign alone drew nearly 40,000 interactions during the launch weekend!

Alongside NASCAR, we're using various platforms to amplify our voice. Meet Daniel, our well-known Race to Stop Suicide spokesperson. He's been actively engaging audiences from middle schools, veterans organizations, the Elks club, Boys and Girls clubs, and numerous TV and social media outlets. Look out for his powerful PSAs on the radio and TV.

Exciting news: the Daytona State College Foundation produced a five-episode TV series called "The Race to Stop Suicide," featuring Daniel as the main spokesperson. This series reached an incredible 6.3 million households! Stay tuned for the upcoming second series.

Our race partners are as passionate about this cause as we are. One notable example is a race partner who owns a company with 154 eighteen-wheelers. As these trucks travel from Virginia to Massachusetts, over 80% of them proudly display the Race to Stop Suicide message along with the emergency number 988.

Join us on this crucial journey to stop suicide and make mental health a priority for everyone. Together, we can make a difference.

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